SUSAN FANG is a London based contemporary womenswear brand, established in 2017 after Susan Fang graduated from Central Saint Martins. With a focus on perception and mathematics, each collection combines innovative textile, colours, and silhouettes to create garments and accessories with artistic originality.

Originally from China, Susan Fang grew up in Canada and the United States, then moved to London to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. Following her previous experience at Kei Kagami, Céline, and Stella McCartney, Susan wanted to launch her label to translate her worldview into conceptual fashion pieces.

Her 2015 debut collection ‘AIRFLIP’ is inspired by concepts relating to the perception of beauty and the instinctive allure of nature-the-ever-present fractals. These precise mathematical formulas of repetition and rhythm create the most beautiful chaos with understandable geometries. The inspiration of dissecting our bodies’ sartorial adornment led to experiments with colour, form and movement to create a floating ethereal illusion.

The new collection ‘AIRWAVE’ for Autumn/Winter 2018 advances her previous studies and concepts as she develops an entirely new air-weave technique which allows the fabric itself to float between two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms, leading to a design and textile innovation that presents colours and forms with fluid movements. A wave of colours and forms contort with natural body movements. The garments and accessories are uni-size. They expand or contract to the contour of human bodies when worn, but transform into completely flat two-dimensional pieces when not worn.

The vision of SUSAN FANG is to not be led by trend or style or even an aesthetic, but to surpass the realm of design to express a mirage of artistic illusions.
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